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Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

1531 Upper Stump Road

Chalfont, PA 18914


The Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center

Our clinic is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for drop off.

We are staffed from 11AM-4PM

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Dear Friend of Aark,

What an amazing year.  We are on target to treat more than 5,000 animals.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to help these animals.  It is such an honor to be trusted to help them on their road to recovery.  We saw many interesting species, like our little beaver and a beautiful nighthawk.  Everyday people, like you, became extraordinary in the lives of so many animals.

Most of the animals we treat are average, every day animals that you are likely to see in your own back yard on any given day.  The ordinary if you will.  But sometimes, the ordinary turns extraordinary…..  comfort and love can come from the most interesting places.  On July 30, long after the tiny babies arrived at the Aark, a newborn skunk was brought into the clinic.  His black skin already marked with his beautiful white stripe.  His eyes were closed.  He was found alone in the yard.  He was dehydrated and had many strikes against him.  First of all, how did he get there?  Was it an animal that dragged him out of his den, or perhaps a scared mom trying desperately to relocate her babies that she dropped this little guy on her way out?  He weighed just 84 grams.  So tiny that we had to tube feed him because he wouldn’t nurse.  His chances of survival without a sibling to snuggle were slim.  Of course, we all fell in love, even though we thought the situation pretty hopeless.  Later that day another ordinary baby arrived.  No, not another skunk to save the day, but a squirrel.  Also 84 grams, dehydrated, eyes closed and no siblings.  We had no other tiny baby squirrels for her wellbeing.  Out of desperation, an idea bloomed… Put them together.  And so it began.  Instantly they held onto each other and snuggled.  Both began to nurse and put on weight.  Now, the squirrel was much older than the skunk, but you would never know they weren’t brother and sister all wrapped around each other, sleeping the days away.  Eventually the squirrel opened her eyes and started to need solid food so we had to separate them.  But by then, the skunk was growing and thriving.  Our little squirrel joined one of our squirrel colonies and was released at about twelve weeks, right on schedule.  As soon as we separated them, another miracle happened.   Two more skunks arrived that were the same age as our little boy.  He joined them and quickly became a skunk again!  He was released on site in October and for several days, I would see him in the evening when I would go up to check the clinic.  He never sprayed, just turned as if to say, “Thanks Mom!”  before waddling back into the woods.  You never know where comfort will come from.  Sometimes what saves you is the most unlikely scenario.  We took a risk putting them together, but an even bigger one would have been keeping them apart.  They gave each other the tactile love and friendship that is so necessary with small mammals, allowing us to keep our distance and not risk habituation.

These two ordinary animals became extraordinary friends in the most unlikely of circumstances.  When you take the time to get involved with an animal in need, you too become extraordinary.  Friends come in many forms and this year we witnessed a skunk and a squirrel be there for each other.  Please take a moment to watch the video and see the pictures of our little darlings as they progressed toward the wild, just click on the picture of the skunk.  Your donation today helps keep the extraordinary work of the Aark alive.  Thank you for supporting our mission and being an extraordinary individual today and every day.

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