Private Tours and Offsite Programs

Great Horned - JALAark offers private tours and offsite programs to help inform the public of the proper ways to handle wildlife that appear to be injured or orphaned and to encourage people to appreciate our wildlife from a safe distance. In order to give our wildlife the best chance of being successfully released back into the wild, we must limit any unnecessary contact with humans.  Therefore, we cannot allow visitors to tour the Aark unless they are accompanied by an Aark Educator or during our Spring and Fall Open Houses.

Private tours:  Our onsite private tours are available for groups of 15 or less. We request a minimum $150 donation for onsite tours.

Offsite:  Members of Aark staff are available to visit your group or organization accompanied by one or more of our permanent educational animal residents. Your group will learn about the animal(s) in attendance, as well gain a better understanding of the role we all play in protecting wildlife that surrounds us. We request a minimum $200 donation for a half hour program and a $275 for an hour program. Donation requests amounts are subject to change.

Please contact Aark at 215-249-1938 if you would like more information or to schedule a private tour or program.