Build a Better Aark

Donate to Build a Better Aark

People care about our wildlife. They care so much that Aark is bursting at the seams! Aark is the busiest wildlife rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania, treating over 5,000 patients each year.

We have had people bring animals from as far as 200 miles away. One caring individual spent $92 on cab fair to bring an orphaned family of baby bunnies. Another innovative individual could not bring the displaced family of rabbits he found, so he hired an UBER driver to have them delivered safely to Aark for care.

We need to expand our clinic – and we plan to with your help.

Our Plan:

  • Build a 2,600 sf addition to expand Aark. The addition will become Aark’s new clinic where we care for, rehabilitate, and always release when possible the many injured and orphaned wildlife that are brought to Aark for care.
  • Use the existing 1,000 sf space to carry out the second part of Aark’s mission – educating and training youth and adults about the care and understanding of wildlife.

By expanding our clinic, Aark will be able to:

1) Keep up with the growing number of animals that are brought in for care.

  • We expect this number to increase as the surrounding area becomes more developed.

2) Help improve the safety of our patients and volunteers.

  • We do an amazing job in a small space, however; we could do better. The amount of stress an animal experiences while receiving care affects its chances of a successful release. Being in a small, often noisy, space surrounded by humans (or “predators” as animals see us) can increase their stress level and lower their chance of survival. More room will enable us to reduce the stress level of our vulnerable patients.
  • Disease spreading through the clinic is a constant threat. Again, we do an amazing job by keeping our facility exceptionally clean. More space will allow us to separate our patients and reduce the chance of disease.
  • We are blessed to have an amazing group of volunteers. However, there are only so many volunteers that can safely work in the confines of the existing clinic at one time. More space will allow us to add more volunteers.

3) Expand our Youth Education, Summer Camps and offer Adult Wildlife Courses

  • Teaching the next generation an appreciation for our wildlife is the best way to ensure its preservation for future generations. Our summer camps do this. They provide an opportunity for our campers to “unplug” from technology and learn about the wildlife that surrounds them. We also emphasize the importance of maintaining our environment so our wildlife continues to have a place to call home.
  • Because we do not currently have an indoor facility to house camps, we can only offer them in the summer. We regularly have more applications for camp than spaces available. Having an indoor space dedicated to education will allow Aark to offer more camping programs and as well as new after school programs and courses for adults throughout the year.

We have an amazing, caring community that keeps Aark afloat with their generous donations of time, supplies and money. Every donation matters. Even if you cannot donate, please share our campaign Build a Better Aark.

If you would like to donate offline, please send a check to:

Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center
1531 Upper Stump Road
Chalfont, PA 18914

Please note on your check and envelope: YouCaring – Build a Better Aark

Together we can Build a Better Aark.

Thank you.